Art Class From Home

Being stuck at home provides a great opportunity to be very creative with art!  I am going to be updating this page weekly with creative suggestions for both upper and lower elementary students.  

June 1 - June 6


Aloha! Aloha is a happy and loving greeting and parting phrase in Hawaiian. With aloha, you will create a fun and meaningful tiki face/mask.

May 26 - May 29


Our Academy Stars will make these beautiful coffee filter poppies. 


Draw an amazing poppy flower using simple basic shapes and shading.

May 18 - May 22


The Peacock Spider will amaze you with his groovy dance moves. Create a symmetrical spider with shocking colors.


Beetles come in many different sizes, shapes and color. Examine the work of Levon Biss, study the examples, and create a collaged beetle.

May 11 - May 15


Get the buzz on bees and come visit a bee house!


Get the buzz on bees, fly over an amazing flower garden, and create a stunning flower garden design using patterns, color, and shapes.

May 4 - May 8


You will create delicious donuts based on the artist Jae Yong Kim and other wonderful sweet treats.


You will document three meals you eat this week.

April 27 - May 1


Your cookies are not safe when the Cookie Bandit comes rolling into town!  This lesson introduces you to the art of the Wanted Poster.  

April 13 - April 17


This collection of art lessons, activities and games will introduce young students to the biology and behaviors of sharks. While also having FUN!


You will study the found object drawings by Christoph Niemann, and explain how he uses everyday objects to create interesting compositional stories of his drawings. You will will find three objects that can be incorporated into a mixed media drawing, and will create a composition using pen/pencil and found objects, emphasizing the objects shape or color in the image.

April 6- April 10


You will create an architectural drawing inspired by New York City.  You will use patterns to add detail to your architecture and then use markers and crayons to add bold and beautiful colors to your architectural gem. 


In this lesson, you will analyze famous architects and their structures from around the world.  You will create a series of pen and ink drawings of structures found in downtown Brattleboro

March 30th - April 3rd


In this lesson, you will create and design a scribble village.  You may even meet a scribble friend of Ms. W's!


Have fun exploring emotions by drawing a series of characters each conveying a different emotion. You will utilize various colored pencil techniques to enhance and finish your drawings. 


You will design patterns and use visual storytelling to make your own vessels inspired by Greek art history. You will use the sgraffito technique to render your stories, emphasizing the positive and negative spaces in your artwork. 


In this lesson, you will design and shade a Celtic Knot using values and tonal blending. 

March 23rd - March 27th


This week we will be looking at one of earth’s most amazing creatures, the hippopotamus. 


You will create and design a close up of a dragon’s eye. 


You will learn to control your pencil, train your brain to perform automatically and see subtle changes in values / shading.


I'm your Academy School art teacher.


​I have had the pleasure of teaching your children art for the past 9 years.  As the only art teacher at Academy, I have a wonderful perspective as I watch each student progress in their art skills from K - 6th grade.  


If you would like to contact me, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.  

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